Charming ART

Professional wooden push bike and wood balance bike supplier and manufacturer.

about Charming art

CHARMING ART brings charming life by to love and share. In 2011, we started a parent-child group of face book to gather families with preschoolers in Taiwan to show how to use this new toy through different kinds of activities, such as reading picture book.

CHARMING ART uses the best material and process to make sure high-quality push bike and all the parts are made in Taiwan. We are the professional wooden push bike and balance bike supplier and manufacturer established in 2010.


We have two types of wooden balance bike for kids and 1 for teen and adult, 

All the product have several custom option for you choose to make your own wooden bike.

Each bike is hand made and assembled by ourself in Taiwan with your choice to be sure the quality best.

We also guarantee to refund fully with your purchase in 2 week warranty period.