Charming ART

Professional wooden push bike and wood balance bike supplier and manufacturer.


We hope to ride this bike is a very cool experience, so we call kids cool riders . CoolRi is an abbreviation of cool rider

We support CoolRi several customized options and items for you to make your own wooden bike. It is only for you uniquely.

Each CoolRi is hand-made and assembled by ourselves in Taiwan according to your requirements and to be sure the best quality.

  • Replaceable and washable Seat Covers.
  • Comfortable and flexible material with 3 layer inner.
  • Won't slide by 4D designed fixed on the thick and soft Seat pad.

  • 12" pneumatic tires by global standard.
  • Widely off road tyre pattern.
  • Widely city comfortable tyre pattern.
  • Lightly smooth speed tyre pattern

  • Lightly aluminum wheel by special design.
  • Safety wooden wheel cover can be set on. 

You can make CoolRi S to CoolRi L easily by updating kit. Vice versa.